Ensuring the security of generative AI tools

Elevate your user experience and safeguard your data with SURF's Prevention, Monitoring, and auditing capabilities. Take decisive action now to ensure unparalleled protection for generative AI tools like ChatGPT in the ever-expanding digital landscape of AI.

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Take control of the data that is inserted into Generative AI Tools

SURF's Enterprise Browser effectively tackles the data privacy challenges that arise from the use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT. It empowers IT and security teams with comprehensive visibility and control over SaaS solutions and web applications, thereby safeguarding confidential data. To mitigate ChatGPT security risks, the browser employs a range of measures such as masking Personally Identifiable Information, restricting access to AI tools for non-privileged users, preventing the inclusion of prompts containing sensitive data, disabling paste functions, and much more.

The future of access has changed forever



Proactively safeguards sensitive information by preventing unauthorized data disclosure or insertion into ChatGPT.


Access Control

Establishes stringent measures to regulate and manage Access permissions.



Implementing robust visibility and auditing mechanisms, to track user interactions with AI tools.

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